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Creating an Atmosphere to Remember...

Ok, living in Northern Alberta has never been an AC hot spot, but as the environment is changing having Central AC seems to be a bigger need for everyone. Our goal is to make Central Air Conditioning achievable for anyone who wants it.  Who wouldn't want a better sleep at night?  Or working in a home office more comfortably?  Reach out for a free quote and to see if you qualify for equipment financing.

Experience Health Benefits

Get Professional Installation

Receive Effective Repairs

Save Money

Our licensed, trained installers are available to install, replace, or repair your A/C system. We pride ourselves on open and honest communication throughout the process – no need to wonder about the other options available – we lay it all out for you.

We handle planning, procurement, install, cleanup, and removal of any old systems (if necessary). We will also perform any necessary upgrades to your ducting, and ensure that our recommended option is an energy efficient and easy-to-maintain unit for you for years to come.

After installation, we will walk you through the proper operation of your new system, and make sure that you are satisfied with our workmanship. When you deal with Atmosphere, you're working with a neighbour. We care about you and your investment into air conditioning, so we will work to ensure you are very happy with the process.

Speak with Atmosphere Today about Air COnditioning in Edmonton

Why Air Conditioning?

Many people look at air conditioning in their home as an unnecessary expense due to our short summers. However, the following perspective is worth considering (especially as our summer temperatures increase in intensity).

The health benefits that can be gained from having air conditioning are definitely a huge plus. Being able to control the climate in your home year-round ensures that you have the optimum environment for you and your family's health. This includes having a cool room to sleep in during the summer months. Although the temperature outside may only reach the mid 20's, you house has the ability to heat up much more. Large south facing windows, single/double pane windows or poor attic insulation will all result in a hotter home.  Having a central air conditioner will keep your home in a comfortable range. (You know, so you sleep better at night and can have more enjoyable days out in the sun!)

Affordable Options For Edmonton Air Conditioning Installation

Choosing the right air conditioning unit for your home will ensure you get the cooling your space needs. As trained and licensed professionals, we will come to your home and take all the important info we need to give you a good, better, best style quote for free! We can make your choice easier for you to make and do all the leg work and research you need.

We also offer the opportunity to finance your purchase. Through SNAP Home Finance, you can make a one time payment of thousands of dollars turn into small, easy monthly payments and still gain the comfort of a new air conditioner NOW!

Edmonton Air Conditioning Service

Whether you are a new or an old customer, Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating offers special rates for yearly servicing of your air conditioner. We are also available if you need repairs or warranty work performed on your unit. Contact us today to find out more!

We Do Commercial Installs, Too!


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