Cooling Services: APCO-X UV Air Filter

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Introducing Fresh-Aire UV's most advanced whole-house air treatment system yet.

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The APCO-X is the most effective whole house air treatment system available. Fresh-Aire UV improved the award-winning APCO design by refining virtually every facet of the original system.

APCO-X has more than 60% effective carbon – ceramic surface area for more efficient air cleaning than the original APCO. With ten EverCarbon cells positioned in an advanced V-Twin Matrix design allows for increased surface area across the plenum. The increased carbon-ceramic surface area is designed to provide faster odor and chemical removal. The all-new 3 year insulated double-wall Quartz UVC Lamp allows for class leading biological coil & airstream disinfection while producing zero-ozone emissions.

The APCO-X lifetime EverCarbon cells are manufactured using a proprietary catalyst blend with germicidal nanotechnology. Microbes are killed on contact, not just by the surface action of the UVC Light. The EverCarbon nanotechnology process ionically attracts mold, bacteria, and viruses through an innovative patented process while destroying microbes by piercing the microorganisms’ cellular wall.

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