Plumbing Services: Gas Fitting

Edmonton Gas Line Service

Are you remodeling your basement? Moving your furnace or hot water tank will require the gas line to also be moved. It's important to have certified professionals working with the natural gas lines in your home to prevent leaks and to make sure the gas line is sized appropriately for the appliances it is servicing.

Upgrading Appliances to Gas

How about a new gas range in your kitchen? We can run a new gas line for that!

A new gas fireplace in your living room? We can make sure the gas line into your home is properly sized to provide adequate gas to each appliance.

Upgrading/Re-doing Your Yard and Deck Areas

Make your stay-cations more enjoyable with an outdoor gas fireplace on your deck. Or how about a patio heater? We can make sure there are enough gas ports to attach each fixture into to make your time in the yard the coziest!

Are you looking at a new BBQ or Outdoor Kitchen Setup? Why not make it Natural Gas fueled? Natural Gas is a more consistent gas for cooking with and is cheaper than propane. Not to mention – no more bottles that run out of propane half-way through cooking!

Trained and Licensed Edmonton Technicians

Your safety, and the safety of your family is paramount. Living in Edmonton, you may come across a "neighbour that can do that," but gas lines are not a place to cut corners. Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating ensures our technicians training and licensure is up-to-date and that we follow best practices. We aim to minimize risk and to give you the gas line without the "gas problems".


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