Plumbing Services: Showers

Are you having a problem with a shower or showerhead in your home? Well, that sounds like the work for one of the best plumbing companies in your area. Give us a call today to receive our best pricing on your shower repair or installation service!

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Shower Installations

Installing a new shower in Edmonton doesn't have to be a huge headache! Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating has experience with hundreds of shower unit installs.

Treat yourself to a spa-experience at home with high end finishings and quality shower fixtures.

We don't just slap on a new fixture though – we ensure that the underlying piping and plumbing infrastructure is properly set up and will support your shower head and flow goals.

Shower Repairs

Whether you have wobbly or shaky shower fixtures, or perhaps your shower flow has decreased over time, we're ready to help.

We can upgrade piping, shower heads, and anything else that affects your overall shower experience.


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