Edmonton Plumbing When You Need It

Pipes, Drains, Custom Systems – We Keep You Flowing!

From drains – to faucets – to valves (and the many meters of pipes in between!) we've seen our fair share of leaky sinks, toilets, and well... really any water-using appliance! Keep your whole system flowing with our experienced plumbing services, and don't skip a beat just because your toilet decided to stop working!

Our Plumbing Services Include:

  • Toilet Install, Repair, Replacement
  • Shower & Faucet Fixture Install, Upgrade, Repairs & More 
  • Drain Cleaning, Water Line Repair, Rooting, Garbage Disposals, Sump Pumps, Dishwashers & Much More! 


Have you ever found yourself in your home and realized that there might be a leak in your toilet? Have you ever felt the cold chill of panic when you realized that the waste was not going down the drain the way it is supposed to? Fear not – Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating is ready to service, replace or install your toilet in Edmonton!

Bathroom Faucets

Everything from repair to replacement of old fixtures and faucets. Ask us about new technology available for your  home, like touchless faucets!


Repair, replacements, and renovations.

Explore all the options for your shower with Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating!

Residential Water Leak Detection

At Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating, we trust Moen to deliver a product that works with you and your mobile devices to protect your home against floods.

Kitchen Plumbing

From preparing for a dinner party to everyday tasks like washing dishes, Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating has all your kitchen plumbing needs  covered!

Kitchen Faucets & Sinks

Is your kitchen faucet old? Leaky? Loose? Or just plain ugly? Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating is able to help!


Dishwashers add a necessary help in the home. Call us if you've noticed a change in the operation of your dishwasher.

Drain Cleaning

Kitchen drains are no stranger to scum and other buildups that prevent the liquid from properly leaving the area. We will help you clear any blockages in your drains or piping and get you flowing again!

Effluent & Sump Pumps

Atmosphere Plumbing trusts Zoeller to provide reliable sump and effluent pumps for our customer's homes.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are some of the most in-demand kitchen appliances on the market. We know how to install your so you don't run into issues down the line.

Gas Fitting

Let Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating install and repair your gas appliances and piping. We handle BBQ gas lines, gas fireplaces, log lighters, patio heaters, fire tables, and more.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Keep your customers and staff happy and comfortable! We handle commercial flushometers, toilets/urinals, drains, water leaks, and more.


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