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Edmonton businesses need a "partner in plumbing" to help keep things flowing. That's where Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating comes in – we offer a range of services from trained and licensed technicians, so we get the job done right, on time, and on budget. Don't waste time getting the job half done: call Atmosphere and get back to business in no time!

Edmonton Commercial Plumbing Services:


Flushometers are the most important aspect of making sure your commercial plumbing system works. The flushometer is responsible for managing the flushes that happen when people are seeking to dispose of their waste. This simple system is unfortunately prone to many problems.

Flushometer Testing

If you are looking to test your flushometer, then you need to have a professional come and inspect it correctly. Incorrectly testing a flushometer can result in the system receiving more damage than it previously had. 

Flushometer Repair

While it is possible to upgrade and replace your flushometer, most people are simply interested in repairs. An existing flushometer system might not require anything more than a simple cord or chain swapping which can save you a ton of money. 

Flushometer Replacement

Finally, we offer comprehensive flushometer replacement. Not only can you replace the prior flushometers and all the problems that are typically associated with them, but you can also upgrade your flushometer to be responsible and responsive to conventional technologies. Things like hands-free flushing, motion sensor and button instead of handle flushing are all the rave right now.

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Leaks in your pipes can cause serious structural damage to your business. Not only is it dangerous for your home by itself, but it’s also dangerous for the tenants or attendees as well.

Our plumbers are all experts in dealing with every kind of piping. Not only are we able to navigate the area easily, but we can perform leak detection very easily. Every plumber has years of experience and training in using infrared, sound detection, and CCTV threading to determine if and where there is a leak.

Leaks to Avoid

If you are noticing any types of the following leaks, be sure to reach out to us and we can get them patched up and repaired in no time at all.

Roof Leaks – Can cause structural damage and cause a cave in.

Pipe Leaks – Can cause the floor to sink in.

Wall Leaks – Can cause mold growth as well as structural deficiency. 

How Leaks are Caused

Built up Pressure – If there is a clog, it can add pressure to the line structure which causes ruptures.

Foreign Objects – Objects escort through the line that doesn't belong can catch and tear piping.

Foreign Invaders – You can have a problem with moles, gophers, or other subterranean critters.

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Businesses need working toilets and urinals in order to properly function throughout their day. If you are looking for a plumber who is both discreet and fully capable of getting the job done, give us a call straightaway.

We have been servicing the local area for several years and in that time have helped countless businesses and residences with their toilet problems. If you want to work with the best, check out our plumbing services below.


Rooting is the process of removing clogs from pipes and other outbound plumbing sources. By using a rooting device, we can break up the source of the clog and return the rate of flow back to its normal state.


When you have a break in your piping it can be one of two things, bad for your filtered water, and bad for your entire house. If you have a sewage leak you need biohazard clean up and a sewer based repiping service as fast as possible. Don’t read further, just call us immediately! 

Fixture Replacement

Fixtures are the outlets that create a safe usage point for people to access their plumbing. We offer full repair and replacement services for any toilet or urinal fixture.

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If you are like many business owners, then chances are you will need commercial drain services at one point or another. Whether you are in the restaurant industry or simply have water-based facilities in your business, we specialize in drain services for your Edmonton business.

We have been servicing businesses like yours for several years and in that time we have helped countless people and businesses get their drains and other systems fixed.

Drain Cleaning

Often times if there is backflow or a slow dispersal from a drain it can be as simple as cleaning the drain out to fix the problem. With this, we offer drain cleaning services for businesses and commercial establishments.

Drain Replacement

 However, sometimes you either want to upgrade or fix one of your commercial drains. We can swap out your commercial drain for any other model in the industry, all you have to do is give us a call and we can fix it no problem. 

Drain Repair

If there is a small problem that you need to deal with and you don’t want to upgrade your whole system, try calling us about drain repair. Whether it’s an issue with a mesh or other similar problems, we can help you repair it today!


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