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Boiler System Install & Repair

Having a boiler system has always been looked at as having a premium system. However, with prices rising on hot water tanks and furnaces, having a boiler installed has never been more affordable. Boilers bring your dwelling to the next level in terms of comfort and control, as well as long term savings.  If you are looking to upgrade any part of your heating or domestic water system then give us a call. We will guide you through the benefits of a boiler system and how much of a change it will make on your day to day activities!

Experience Health Benefits

Get Professional Installation

Receive Effective Repairs

Save Money

What will a boiler do for you?

How many showers can you get through before your current hot water tank needs to recover? 1 or 2? Maybe even 3 if you speed them up and the last person always gets cut short.

Now picture a tank that has the ability to recover itself before the next person even jumps back into the shower. Or being able to fill a soaker tub to the desired level and not worry about the water going cold before it's finished.


A properly sized boiler with a dedicated piping strategy has many jobs in a system. When controlled properly, the boiler has the ability to rapidly heat the domestic hot water with very low wait times.  Just like any system, design and execution will make or break any install. Our experience installing multiple systems on a yearly basis in and around Edmonton allows us to make any system work for the customer's needs.

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Benefits of Boiler Systems in Edmonton

Service Life

The average age of a maintained boiler system is between 25 and 30 years. Components to the system may need to be replaced but the heart of the home will stay running as long as you service it yearly and address issues before they get out of hand.

Gas Savings

Why have multiple appliances burning gas when you can have one device doing it all? Replacing a furnace with a fan coil and a natural gas water heater with an indirect immediately reduces your gas bill by one appliance. Maybe you have some in-floor heating pipes or a hot tub – a boiler system will maintain all of them. Call today to find out more!

Do you feel a boiler system is right for you but in-floor heating isn't an option that will work in your home? Radiant baseboard heaters work with your boiler system to delivery comfortable, quality heat to any room.

Maximize Hot Water Availability & Savings

Adding an indirect water heater to your boiler system is a great way to maximize the amount of hot water available in your home as well as save money on your natural gas bill!

The average indirect water heater can recover itself in less than 15 minutes (compared to a traditional hot water heater that would take 30-40 minutes). Run that hot water tank empty with a nice hot shower! The next person will have another full tank in 15 minutes!

The indirect tanks also have no need to be vented like a traditional hot water heater because the boiler heats the water not the tank itself. That means cutting less holes in your walls and less emissions in the air.

Call Atmosphere today to talk about how an indirect heater could benefit you!


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