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Edmonton Furnace Repair, Replacement, and Installation

When you think about your furnace what comes to mind?  Is it just a device in the basement that heats your home when you tell it to?  Or maybe it's a terrible reminder that you need an upgrade when you open the monthly gas bill. Maybe you haven't even thought about it? (Which is scary because that means you probably haven't changed your filter lately). Better go do that, we will wait...  

Now that you've take care of that, let's move on.  

For most homes and businesses in Alberta, the HVAC system is the heart of the dwelling. It keeps you warm in the winter and has the ability to cool in the summer (with Central AC). When it fails, it has the ability to cripple a building and the people inside. Keeping these machines in top running order is a necessity and we have expert technicians available to help. Call us for more information!

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Servicing Your Furnace in Edmonton

Having your furnace serviced means that a qualified technician will come to check the operation of the unit. They will ensure all the motors are running smoothly, the pilot light/hot surface ignitor assembly are working properly and there is no build-up of dust or debris inside the furnace. They will also check to make sure the furnace is running in proper cycles and is heating your house up when the thermostat asks it to. It also means that the exhaust and air intake for the furnace are properly in place with no obstructions. We can also change the filter! Typically, the furnace will get serviced towards the fall of each year to make sure it is in good running condition for the following winter.

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What Can You Do for Your Furnace?

There are a few small things a person can do in between service calls. Make sure there is a 3ft clearance in front of the furnace door and that there aren't items piled up on either side of the furnace. Aside from debris being a fire hazard, this makes sure that if there is an issue that needs to be dealt with, the technician has fast and clear access to the furnace.

Change your furnace filter at least every 3 months. Depending on your area, a filter change may be necessary more/less often. Plugged filters can cause air flow issues that will make the furnace act poorly or even fail. Lastly, make sure all the exhausts and air intakes on your roof or on the side of your home are kept clear of debris or frost. These small tasks will keep your furnace running longer without having to call in the professionals for assistance!

High Efficiency Furnaces: Did You Know?

Did you know that mid-efficient furnaces are no longer available to buy in Canada? When we replace an old style furnace, we replace it with a high efficiency model. This means the efficiency rating can be as high as 95% where a mid-efficient furnace averaged at 80%. Not only will these new models provide you with a better quality of heat, it will cost less on your gas bill!

Thinking of Updating?

Are you thinking of updating your heating system? We offer free estimates for each job. Our Operations Manager will come to your home and assess what you have already and your home's needs and requirements. He will then work out a quote for the complete job often including more than one option for the equipment you desire. You then have the opportunity to decide which option works best for you.

Worried about a high bill upgrading? We offer financing through SNAP Home Finance!  Don't stress, we can help.


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