How Much Does A New Furnace Cost In Edmonton?

The price of a new furnace install in Edmonton

It’s the number one question we get from homeowners who need a gas furnace replacement for their home: “what’s it going to cost?”

The good news:

It’s not a secret! You’ll likely be somewhere in the range of $4,000-$7,000 as an average cost if we install a brand new high efficiency furnace in your house.

However, finding out the exact cost to install your furnace within that range depends on a number of factors, such as the size and age of your house, whether or not you want long-term energy cost savings, and what type of warranty you want.

Because we are a full-service HVAC company, we work with our customers to understand their future needs as well, including air conditioning upgrades, energy efficiency goals, and other factors that affect overall home comfort.

Different Types of Furnaces

It starts with BTUs

Furnaces are sold in 3 categories and are available from 40K BTUs to 120K BTUs. The brands that we use go up in 20K BTU increments.

How many BTUs do you need to heat your house?

Generally speaking, older houses with no upgrades are 55 BTUs per square foot. This is because of potential heat loss with older insulation, double pane windows, and building methods.

Newer houses (built in the last 20 years) are typically 44 BTUs per square foot.

Basic furnace categories

Good: Single Stage, 3 Speed Blower

This is a basic, high efficiency furnace. Electricity savings are minimal, but it will absolutely keep your house warm and it’s an upgrade compared to older “mid-efficiency” furnaces. 

Better: 2 Stage, 3 Speed Blower

These units will provide great gas savings, but with minimal electrical savings. They are less expensive upfront than some more energy-saving models, but they are a solid unit for Edmonton climate which fluctuates from day to day, and morning to night.

Note: Multi-stage furnaces work like this

“High fire” is 100% capacity and “low fire” is 60% capacity.

Low fire is controlled by either the furnace or a 2 stage thermostat, so it could be a timer, a memory function, or even wifi-informed. Wifi thermostats will connect to a local agency (eg. Environment Canada) and will adjust based on outside air temperature.

Best: 2 Stage, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) or Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) Blower

These units offer the best gas savings with fantastic electrical savings. In fact, average combined energy savings are around $1000 a year for most households. 

Your all-in furnace install cost

Our pricing includes: labour, venting, gas work, electrical work, and necessary permit fees. Want to see how much your furnace install will cost?

Try out our free Furnace Install Cost Calculator and see for yourself!

Edmonton Furnace Installation Cost Calculator

This calculator will output a dollar amount in Canadian dollars. This figure represents the approximate cost for a new furnace install in Edmonton, based on your answers.

Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating reserves the right to accurately estimate the cost of your install, which may differ slightly from the answers here. This calculator is an approximation only, and results are not a formal quote.

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