At Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating, we trust Moen to deliver a product that works with you and your mobile devices to protect your home against floods.

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Flo by Moen

Moen has developed an in-home system that connects right to your water main. It has a built in shut off valve that you can control right from your Smart Phone.  The device learns the amount of water that your home usually uses and if it detects any different water use patterns, it will alert you remotely. 

Remote Access

Flo is connected directly to your water main and is connected wirelessly to whichever mobile device you chose. This allows you to be in control of the water coming into your home whether you are there or not. If a pipe bursts or your toilet doesn't stop filling,  the Flo by Moen will detect the extra water usage and give you the ability to stop anymore water from entering the house through the water main.

Other Leak Detection Systems

We also have access to other leak detection systems that sit on the floor by your hot water tank or floor drain in your basement. These systems are simple and are battery operated. The sensors sit on the floor and if any water is detected one will let out a high pitched sound and the other has the ability to notify you on your phone. Flood Buzz Pro sits on the floor and lets out the high pitched sound. D-Link Smart Water Sensor has the ability to pair with your Smart Phone and remotely notify you if it detects water on the floor.


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