February 9

10 furnace maintenance tips every homeowner should know in Edmonton


As an Edmonton homeowner, you should be very familiar with your furnace – it keeps you from freezing all winter, after all!

Your heating system may look complex, but it's typically going to have the same basic components as any other house in Edmonton. With regular maintenance, it should last a long time and you can avoid costly (and cold!) breakdowns at inopportune moments. From carbon buildup to broken fans, there are many reasons we make house calls during the winter. Don't be afraid to give us a call if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed!

With that in mind, this article is designed to walk you through what basic furnace maintenance should look like as a homeowner in Edmonton, and hopefully give you some insight as to what Atmosphere techs do when we visit your house.

10 tips for furnace maintenance

  1. Change the air filter regularly
  2. Keep the area around the furnace clean and clear of debris
  3. Schedule annual maintenance with a professional
  4. Check for proper combustion and ventilation
  5. Inspect and clean the heat exchanger
  6. Clean your ducts regularly
  7. Check the thermostat and replace it if it is older than 10 years
  8. Inspect the terminations for ice or blockages
  9. Check the ductwork for leaks or blockages
  10. Monitor the ignitor and burner flame

Why are these areas important?

Air Filter

The importance of maintaining a clean filter will help lengthen the lifespan of your blower motor.  A dirty air filter will stop the motor from cooling down and will also raise the internal temp of the furnace.  This will also cause high limit faults making the furnace shut off before set point.  

Energy Bill

To lower your energy bill with old equipment would be best started with your thermostat.  A digital stat will make your furnace operate with a tighter temperature range allowing the dwelling to maintain a more consistent temperature.

Furnace tune up

Essentially doing an oil change on your furnace.  Having a qualified technician looking at your furnace will allow us to test and inspect any failing parts that might need repair or replacement.  Having a yearly inspection will allow a record to be kept to show if a part is showing signs of weakening year after year.  Hopefully being able to forecast a part failing before it actually does.

Indoor Air Quality

Having proper filtration on a HVAC system will allow people with allergy and breathing problems to live a healthy life.  We can add better filtration to help with dust or install a UV System to kill bacteria and viruses.  

Carbon Monoxide

All gas fired pieces of equipment produce carbon monoxide.  Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas and tasteless gas that is produced by burning fossil fuels.  Every dwelling should have a min of 2 carbon monoxide detectors.  One in the mechanical room and one in the main/common area.  In a home it should be placed in the master bedroom or main hallway.

The benefits of furnace maintenance

Proper furnace maintenance will always allow a customer to have an immediate snapshot of where their current equipment stands. Poor maintained equipment won’t last as long and may need to be replaced prematurely.

Replacing old equipment will put a customer back into a trustworthy dwelling. New furnaces utilise variable drive motors that operate at a fraction of the cost of old AC motors. If your old furnace uses $4 a day in electricity the new ones will operate as low as $.40 a day.

Paired with a wifi stat the energy savings could be as high as $75 a month in an older home. Along with longer warranties and lifespans, new equipment will always be the best option. But properly maintained equipment should be at the forefront of every home/building owner. That way their investment will always be looked after.


Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating is here to help make your equipment work to the best of its ability.

Maintaining current furnaces or replacing them, we will make sure the process is seamless and provide great value. We will address all your concerns and needs and introduce you to products and services that will improve your atmosphere for years to come.

Call today to book a furnace tune-up!


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