February 28

Hot Water Tank Replacement in Edmonton


Did you know that the average hot water tank life in Edmonton and surrounding area is only 10 years. But does it need to be replaced? Some items to look out for are if you are running out of water prematurely or the water not getting hot enough. If your tank is over 10 years old then it isn’t worth the effort to repair. Tanks older than 10 years also possess a change for emergency service as the glass lining has been weakened and may fail. Keeping an eye on water discoloration will help you determine if the tank is failing. A failing tank will produce a reddish hue to the water. A new water heater will get you back in warranty and will give you more efficiency then the current tank. Also addressing the plumbing needs of the home will determine the best size of tank.

“When should I get a new hot water tank?”

If you are always having cold showers from your tank running out of hot water then a new hot water tank could be on your horizon. Once again, if it's older than 10 years it is better to replace than repair. After 10 years the dip tube will not be supplying cold water to the bottom of the tank to be heated. If you replace the dip tube it allows sediment in the bottom of the tank to be disturbed and travel to the faucets in the home causing poor pressure issues. The average lifespan of a tank is 10 years in the Edmonton region. If it is newer than 10 years then a water heater repair could be a better option. If you live outside of the Edmonton area then contact your local plumbing supplier to see how often tanks last in your area. Hot water tanks mostly have an 80% gas efficiency. They will always stay at 80% but the ability to transfer heat through the sediment bed will determine how long the tank will run. More sediment means they will run longer than when they were new. Longer run times means using more gas which means higher energy bills. Contact Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating to find out how old your tank is and if it’s due for replacement.

Hot Water Tank Repair vs Hot Water Tank Replacement

Not every tank needs to be replaced. If you are running out of hot water and the tank is fairly new then we would recommend a plumbing service call. We come in and assess any problems with the tank and recommend any repairs necessary. Electric water heaters have an external thermostat and heating element that is prone to failure. Gas tanks have more moving parts that could cause an issue and may need more attention to make it work. Most tanks have a min 6 year warranty on parts and may be covered. Find the serial number on the unit and most manufactures websites will have a place to enter it. That will then tell you how old the tank is. A hot water tank replacement would only be necessary if the tank is at age or the cost of repair is high. If a water heater replacement is needed then we will address the house needs and see if an upgrade is required. Always contact a certified plumber before attempting any repairs. Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating is available 24/7 for support.

Types of Hot Water Heater Systems

There are many types of hot water tanks on the market with different warranties, styles and sizes that homeowners need to know. Maybe you want to look at tankless water heaters or on-demand heaters but don’t know how they work. Let's break it down.

Natural Draft Water Heater - This is your standard water heater with metal venting on the top of it. This tank has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years depending on water hardness and quality. Most standard sizes are 40 and 50 gallon for the residential market but do come in larger sizes. All of these tanks are 80% gas efficient and range in thermal efficiency. Some fall under the energuide rating and may qualify for rebate programs. Cost of install is between $1600 to $2000.

Power-vent and Power Direct-vent Models - These tanks will have one or two plastic pipes coming off the top of them. They are designed to allow the tank to be venting through the side of a home. They still are only 80% gas efficient and range in thermal efficiency. Standard sizes are 40 and 50 gallons. These tanks are much more expensive and range between $2200 and $3000 for retro installation. 

Tankless Water Heaters - These water heaters are known best for endless hot water. You only pay for what you use and come as high as 96% efficient. Homeowners need to know that these units are sized off of water flow rate and have a much higher BTU load then the average water heater. This may cause them to upgrade their gas line to accommodate the higher BTU load. High volume flow rates are not available with residential models as most units will only allow 5 Gpm to run through them. As they have a great place in the market, homeowners should contact Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating to find out more information. Average cost to install is $4000 to $5000 for new installations.

On-Demand Water Heaters - These are electric point of use heaters. Typically used in buildings that have remote plumbing fixtures and have no need for storage. Extremely low flow rates that allow only one fixture to be serviced at a time. Most common placement is under a sink for the hot water tap. Cost of installation varies.

Electric Water Heater - 100% efficiency. Every bit of power used goes into heating the water. Downfall is that they are slow to heat. Where a gas tank will heat up in a ½ hr to an hour an electric heater could take up to 4 hours to fully heat its water. Used mainly when venting and gas supply is limited. Average size for residential is 75 gallons as you want more stored water to use since it takes a long time to heat. Cost of installation will start at $1500 and go up depending on size.

How Atmosphere Can Help

No matter what the situation is, Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating can help. We service Northern Alberta with a main focus on the Edmonton area and Surrounding Alberta Region. With high customer satisfaction ratings on Google and Facebook we will make your hot water tank repair or hot water tank replacement process go seamlessly. Homeowners need to know that we want to make sure that their needs are our number one priority. If you require an upgrade or a simple service call we have the knowledge to allow you to make the best decision for your home. If you have a home in the Edmonton area and need information, give Atmosphere Plumbing & Heating a call today.


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